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Hi! I'm Dena

I'm a certified Psychedelic Transformative Integration Coach with a specialization in Ketamine Integration.

I am delighted to introduce myself. A certified Psychedelic Transformative Coach, I offer a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience. I've been a patient of Ketamine treatment myself for the past eight years. Helping others on their journey with ketamine has become my purpose in life. I dedicated my life to the transformative power of Ketamine integration.


 I have successfully navigated the complex world of Ketamine integration, both as a coach and a patient. My journey has equipped me with a depth of knowledge and wisdom that is truly priceless. I have worked with hundreds of individuals, guiding them through the preparation and integration process, and helping them unlock the full potential of their treatments.

My passion extends far beyond my coaching practice. I am a fervent advocate for mental health and Ketamine treatments, dedicating the past 3.5 years to raising awareness, destigmatizing these treatments, and helping others understand their immense benefits. It is in this advocacy that I found my true purpose.


I realized early on in my treatments that Ketamine treatments are not solely about administering the medicine. Rather, they are about the healing that becomes accessible through the use of Ketamine. This means focusing on integration, setting and achieving goals, holding oneself accountable.

With my extensive experience as a patient with ketamine infusion and my formal training in transformative coaching with a specialization in ketamine integration, I believe I can make a valuable contribution to your valued success with ketamine treatment. 

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Over 85% success rate with clients

If you want to work hard, be accountable, and be open to learning,

Dena will show you the way to fully optimize your ketamine treatments.

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What I provide to you:

As a ketamine integration coach, I can offer a variety of services to your client.

1.  Preparation session for your start of ketamine treatment. I  provide education about what to expect during and after the sessions. I help them set intentions for their experience and develop a plan for integration post-treatment.

2. I help you navigate any challenging experiences or emotions by teaching you the tools to optimize every treatment.


3. After your treatment, I assist you in processing the experience, helping you understand and integrate the insights you gained into your daily life.

4. I provide ongoing support and resources for maintaining the benefits of your treatment.  You can help you address any concerns or fears you may have about your treatment, and provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore your feelings and experiences.

5.  I can work with you to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, ensuring that you are getting the most out of their ketamine therapy.

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Statistics show Ketamine Integration is key to making neural pathways created during treatment become permanent.

I was so full of angst and fear regarding the unknowns of Ketamine therapy. Then I came across Dena. She immediately answered all my questions and laid all my fears to rest. She so graciously made herself available to me as my first Ketamine treatment approached. I’ll forever be grateful to Dena. Thanks to her, I decided to give Ketamine a try and it saved my life.

A. Conrad


Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate you.

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