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My name is Dena and I'm excited to become your Ketamine integration coach.


Let's meet to see if we fit with each other!

It's Free! Book today!

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Happy Girl

Over 85% success rate with her clients

If you want to work hard, be accountable, and be open to learning,

Dena will show you the way to fully optimize your ketamine treatments.

Pink Sugar

Ever wonder what a Ketamine infusion is like?
Watch the video below...

Statistics show Ketamine Integration is key to making neural pathways created during treatment become permanent.

I was so full of angst and fear regarding the unknowns of Ketamine therapy. Then I came across Dena. She immediately answered all my questions and laid all my fears to rest. She so graciously made herself available to me as my first Ketamine treatment approached. I’ll forever be grateful to Dena. Thanks to her, I decided to give Ketamine a try and it saved my life.

A. Conrad


Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate you.

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